How Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?  Ultimate FAQ Part V

Want your ex back but don't know how to get started? Arm yourself with knowledge before you act! Fix any break up with these Frequently Asked Questions on how to get back your ex girlfriend.

"What Exactly Should I Do When My Ex Girlfriend Calls Me?"

Getting your ex to call you is a great accomplishment, but you're only halfway there. Knowing what to say to her when she finally dials those numbers is a critical part of getting her back. You're about to make a connect with her again in such a way that almost allows you to make a second impression. You need to make it a good one.

Ex Girlfriend Calls You

If your ex is calling you back in response to a message or email you left for her, you may have some things you need to tell her. But the best call you can get from an ex girlfriend is one that comes seemingly from out of nowhere. This usually means she's been thinking about you a lot, hasn't heard from you, and is probably curious about what you've been doing lately.

When your exgirlfriend gets in touch with you for the first time after the break up, you're probably going to be nervous. Lose that right away. On the phone you should reflect nothing but cool confidence, with an air of actually being busy when she called. Be happy to hear from her, but not overjoyed or thrilled. If she feels like you've been sitting by the phone waiting for her call, she's going to write you off as needy as desperate. When your ex calls, you should treat it as if you're hearing from an old friend. Go slow, and stay cool.

"How Do I Talk To My Ex On The Phone? What Should I Say?"

Greet your exgirlfriend by telling her it's good to hear from her, and then ask how she's doing. This is a non-specific question, so it'll have a very short answer. Then ask how her family is doing. It doesn't matter how close you to got to your ex girlfriend's family during the time that you were dating, it's still a nice gesture to ask.

At this point your ex should state the reason why she called. If she doesn't, that's actually a good sign. It means she's stumbling over an excuse to get in touch with you, and this translates to her missing you. But even if she has a legitimate reason for getting in contact, let her say what she needs to. Eventually you'll be finished with the main point of the phone call, leaving you a period that can be filled with constructive work on getting your ex back... or awkward silence.

You can ask your ex girlfriend how things are going: work, school, and at home. But the one thing you can't do is interrogate her. Don't ask who she's been hanging out with, as she'll take this as you prying (which you are). Talking about the break up is strictly off limits - that's a discussion made later on down the line when the two of you are ready to get back together again. It's also a good idea to set aside some time and read up on What To Say When Your Ex Contacts You, so that you can best handle such a call.

By keeping your conversation short, quick, and to the point, you can get off the phone pretty fast. This should be your goal - any conversation that lasts more than three or four minutes is way too long. In fact, the best way to get off the phone is to let your ex know you were just about to run out the door. Apologize for being so short with her, and then tell her you're you've got to run. She'll be curious as to where you're going and who you're going to see, but she won't be able to ask. Just in case she does though, be intentionally vague about the answer.

At the end of the conversation, since you're running out the door you get the luxury of offering her an alternative. This is where you tell her "Give me a call next week or something, and we can talk some more. Cool?" Mind you, you didn't ask her to call you - you told her to. And you didn't ask her to call you back later or tomorrow either... you put the words "next week" inside her head.

Not only weren't you desperate to talk to her, but you actually rushed your ex girlfriend off the phone. On top of that, the only additional contact you offered her is for next week. This will cause your ex's head to spin with a thousand questions: where's he going? What's he doing? Is he with someone? Are they going somewhere, and he'll be back next week? What gives?"

Knowing you have an active life of your own will actually make you more attractive to your ex girlfriend. She'll be a little bothered by how fast you blew her off, but at the same time her curiousity will override anything else. You might've also sprinkled some tiny seeds of jealousy in there too, just because she doesn't know enough about your new life anymore.

"Are There Other Things I Can Say That Will Make My Ex Want Me Again?"

The absolute master of knowing how to talk to your ex girlfriend is a man by the name of T.W. Jackson. Don't miss his free opening moves video tutorial on how you can begin on the path to getting your ex back, and read up on the testimonials from thousands of guys who've already done so.

"My Ex Keeps Pulling Further and Further Away From Me, No Matter What I Try. What Am I Doing Wrong?"

There are many common mistakes you can make that will drive your ex away, and the worst part is you don't usually know when you're making them. As a general rule, the more irrational and desperate you are to get your girlfriend back, the bigger the blunders you'll make as you stumble through the process. Some guys are so blinded by desperation, false hope, and lack of success that they scramble even faster and harder to win back an ex girlfriend, which of course only causes her to run twice as far, twice as fast.

Exgirlfriend Contact

The more you push, the worse it gets. If you overload your ex by contacting her too much or too soon after she breaks up with you, you're going to get nothing but negative reactions. And the more she pushes you away? The harder you'll keep trying for some sort of positive contact. It's a vicious downward spiral that ends up with your ex resenting you for not leaving her alone, and with you upset and distraught that she won't talk to you anymore. You'll ask why she's "doing this to you", when in reality she's not doing anything wrong... you are.

Begging and pleading for your relationship are two other big mistakes, as is trying to convince her not to break up with you. Understand that your ex has her own reasons for wanting to end things - you can't just expect her to recind her decision because the break up is making you feel bad. Instead, try to understand where she's coming from and examine your relationship to identify those weak spots she invariably pointed out when she broke up with you. Then, leave her alone for a while, to let her know you've thought about these things. If you give her enough time and space, she'll actually be receptive to what you have to say the next time you see her. And if you've done some homework? You'll know what to say, too.

For a lot more info on what NOT to do during the process of reconciliation, check out Male Behaviors That Drive Women Away.

"Will My Ex Take Me Back If I Promise To Change?"

This might be what you think your ex wants to hear, but in reality she doesn't. If your ex listed a number of things she didn't like about you during the break up, it doesn't mean you need to change the person you are in order to get her back. That being said, there are a number of positive behavioral modifications you can make to the way you see your relationship and the way you treat your girlfriend. Identifying and changing those behaviors can make a big difference in whether or not your ex will want to date you again.

But promising to "change for her?" - always a bad idea. It's taken you decades to become the person you are, through years of conditioning that started with your parents. Think you can magically transform into the knight on shining armor that your ex girlfriend envisons? Of course not. Nor does she want that knight on horseback - she just wants you. The old you. The guy she fell in love.

To become that guy, you need only figure out which emotions, feelings, and behaviors you've changed of the last few months or years. Think back to the earliest stages of your romance and picture how you felt and acted toward your ex. If those feelings and behaviors have drastically changed since then, your ex might be missing them. Getting her to come back might be as easy as bringing back the guy who used to do small, thoughtful things for her. If you've been taking your ex for granted, you can certainly fix that issue without having to change the person you are.

"Okay, I've Read This Whole FAQ! What Should I Do Next?"

First of all, great job! You're showing some dedication to your goal, which is vital to following through. By now you should understand two fundamental things about getting back your girlfriend: one, that it takes some time... and two, that learning as much information as possible is crucial to your success. Your next move should be to check out the detailed Relationship Guide Reviews of the Top 6 instantly downloadable breakup resources. The descriptions of each will help you determine which one will help with your own unique situation.

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