How Do I Get My Exgirlfriend Back?  Ultimate FAQ Part IV

Don't struggle with not knowing what to do! Learn the best ways to make your ex want you back again with these Frequently Asked Questions on fixing your break up.

"How Can I Make My Ex Girlfriend Feel Jealous? And Should I?"

Jealousy. It's the one sure way to get your ex girlfriend's attention. But should you use it? And how best can you employ jealousy to get your ex back?

Make Ex Girlfriend Jealous

Any time you use jealousy you run a fairly big risk. Most of the time, when a guy uses jealousy as a tool to make his ex look his way it comes off as exactly that: a ploy just to grab her attention. If your girlfriend suspects this she'll see right through it, and not only do your attempts at making your ex jealous fail, but you come off as much more desperate than you were before. That's why jealousy must be carefully considered, and if you decided upon, used in such a way that your exgirlfriend never knows it was designed to renew her interest in you.

"What Steps Can I Take To Make Her Jealous?"

One of the first things to realize about making an exgirlfriend jealous is something most guys gloss right over: you can't make her envy you until you first make yourself into something she can be jealous of. This means you need to clean up your situation, and you have to do it fast.

Hopelessness? Gone. Despair? Get rid of it. If you've been throwing a pity party since your ex broke up with you, chances are good she won't be too interested in looking your way no matter what plan you have in mind. That's why you need to get over your break up as soon as possible, so you're not sitting there waiting around and looking needy. Pick yourself up and give your ex the impression that you're moving forward.

When it comes to getting over an ex girlfriend, many guys get emotionally stuck with the separation. If you're one of them, there are some proven techniques you can use to eliminate these negative feelings and put yourself into a positive frame of mind. Getting your ex back requires a clear head and a well-laid plan - two things you'll never have while you're still stuck in the past. For instant help, check out this very helpful video tutorial, and find out what your opening moves should be.

"What Else Can I Do To Get My Ex Girlfriend's Attention?"

Work on yourself, both mentally and physically. By turning yourself into something and someone that's going to really wow your girlfriend the next time you see her, you can create an atmosphere where she begins to wonder why she broke up with you in the first place.

Start with the physical first. Join a gym, lift some weights, and start exercising regularly. Pounding the treadmill will help you release any leftover emotions or feelings about the break up. Pounding the pavement will do the same, and you'll even get tan at the same time. Let go of negative thoughts, and sweat out whatever bitterness and anger you still might have toward your girlfriend breaking up with you. From now on your goal is to become a more positive person - the type that attracts positive attention and surrounds himself with all good things.

Getting toned and fit is only part of the equation of feeling and looking good. Supplement that with some new threads. Go through your closet and toss out any old ratty stuff you've been wearing around, then head out and replace it with some new clothing. When you're looking better you're going to act better - it's a natural progression that keeps on snowballing. Your ex girlfriend will notice your new look and wonder what the hell happened to you.

And once you've mastered the physical? The mental will instantly follow. When you begin taking pride in your appearance you start filling yourself with positive energy. This is a necessary requirement for getting your ex girlfriend back: drive, ambition, and confidence. Let these things wash over you as everyone around you compliments your new look, and give it back to them in the form of good karma. The best revenge is living well, and you should make your girlfriend jealous by living as well as you possibly can, especially while you're apart.

"Should I Make My Exgirlfriend Jealous By Dating Another Girl?"

A lot of men trying to get back together with an ex girlfriend are very wary of dating someone else. They believe their ex will find out about it and actually get angry with them, ruining their chances of ever getting back together. These are the same type of men that allowed their girlfriends to excessively control things. They're so fearful of going against their ex's wishes that they allow them to continue to control their own behavior even after the break up.

Dating After Breakup

Should you date another girl to make your ex jealous? The answer is yes and no. Yes, you should definitely date other women if the opportunity arises. But no, you shouldn't do it for the sole purpose of creating envy with your ex girlfriend. Seeing new people is natural and healthy, but you should do it mostly for you. You shouldn't run the risk of hurting this poor new girl simply because you're using her as a tool. If you're dating her solely to vault your way back into your old relationship, she'll end up feeling used and discarded, and you'll end up feeling like a guilty chump (as you rightfully should).

Now, if jumping back into the dating scene happens to have the side effect of making your exgirlfriend feel jealous? All the better. Girls, much like guys, tend to want the things they cannot have. Once your ex gets wind that you've picked up and moved on, she'll feel the door to your old relationship start to slam shut. Up until that point, she's kept that door open just a crack in case she needed to reverse her decision to end things. But now? By dating other people, you've taken control of that door. You're pulling it closed in your own direction, and this is something very uncomfortable for her. Remember, up until now she's used to being in control of that door.

In truth, no girl wants to see her ex boyfriend dating someone new... especially if she hasn't had the opportunity to move on herself. It will make her feel a little bit like you've beaten her to the punch, and knowing that you've found someone to spend time with - someone who will make you forget her - will be a good-sized blow to her ego.

"Will My Ex Still Want Me Back If I Start Dating Other Women?"

Another strange reality of this situation? When you start dating again it somehow makes you more desirable in the eyes of your ex girlfriend. Unless you traded seriously downward (don't do that!) when you chose to take this girl out, your ex will see you as a posession she once had that's suddenly wanted by someone else. This will make your ex feel naturally possessive of you again, and suddenly want you in ways that not even she can explain. And yes, it'll make her feel a little jealous too - regardless of what situation she's in, or even if she's already started dating.

In either case, treat any new relationship as something casual and fun. Don't dive into it too quickly or too deeply. Enjoy yourself, and get used to the feelings of attention and affection from a woman again. As you do, you'll get an even bigger confidence boost. And when your ex sees you out with another girl? She'll be forced to make some hard decisions on whether or not she wants you back, and she'll have to make them very quickly.

For a lot more information on how you can get your ex's attention again, check out our full guide to Making Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous.

"How Can I Get My Exgirlfriend To Call or Contact Me?"

On the road to getting your ex back, reestablishing communication is necessary. If you're wondering how you can get your ex girlfriend to call you, you're on the right track. This type of contact is the most desirable, because it puts you in a much better position than if you were calling her.

Ex Girlfriend Calling

There are many different techniques for getting your ex to call you. The first one can be found here. It's a really neat trick that's guaranteed to put her on the phone with you, and very quickly too. Learn it and use it only when you want your ex to call you - but be ready with what you'll say.

Another good method is to lay out a friendly call when you know she's not home, leaving a message that she has to respond to. You can't just do this without a good reason however... you need to have a legitimate excuse to call your ex. One that's excellent is the family inquiry call. Depending upon how long you dated your ex, you probably got pretty close with some members of her family. Wasn't her grandmother getting an operation this week? How did it go? Calling to ask about simple family matters is a good way of getting your foot in the door, especially since you've got inside knowledge.

The congratulatory call is also a good one. Is your girlfriend about to graduate from school? Was she up for a new promotion? Did she have an upcoming birthday? Call her to leave her a quick message, telling her you were thinking about her on that day. Since you're calling for a specific reason and not just "to say hi" or anything lame like that, you'll come off as being thoughtful and sweet. If she's got any feelings for you at all, your ex will call you back to thank you for thinking of her.

Once you have her on the phone however, you'll need to know what to say. Learning how to turn your girlfriend around is an important part of getting her to want you back. The techniques that will reverse your break up aren't hard to execute, but you need to have a definite plan before you get on the phone with her.

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