How To Get Back Your Ex Girlfriend - Ultimate FAQ Part II

When it comes to winning back an ex girlfriend, these Frequently Asked Questions can help! Learn what to do and when to do it on the path to fixing your break up.

"My Ex Doesn't Want Me Back And I'm Not Sure Why..."

If you're having trouble getting your ex to want you again, then you haven't driven her to the point where she misses being with you. There could be many reasons for this, but the most common one is that you're making yourself way too available.

Can't Get Exgirlfriend Back

Maintaining too much contact with your girlfriend after she breaks up with you is one of the leading reasons you'll fail to win your ex back. Your girl won't want to date you again until she needs and misses you, and this simply can't happen if you're always in her face. The more you keep yourself within her line of sight, the more you're actually damaging the chances of reversing your break up.

After she ends your relationship, your girlfriend tries to put you out of her mind. The natural tendency is to want to stay around her, thinking that the more she sees of you, the more you'll be in her head. Actually, the opposite is true. By always knowing where you are and what you're doing, your fall right into your ex girlfriend's blind spot. She no longer even looks your way, because you're doing everything she expects you to do, exactly when she expects you to do it.

Getting your ex back often requires you to do the unexpected - and this is when you'll fly right into her head. When your girlfriend looks around to see where you went, it's always best if you can vanish from sight. Dropping off her radar and doing your own thing are two of the best ways to get her asking her friends about you again. And when they don't know, she might be inclined to make that friendly "what's up?" phone call.

"No Matter What I Do, I Feel Like I'm Pushing My Ex Away. What Can I Do To Keep Her From Running Away?"

You have to stop pushing. Too much communication, and contact made at the wrong times, are two of the biggest reasons a girl gets frustrated with an ex boyfriend. If you want your ex to stop running the formula is simple: you need to stop chasing her. There's nothing worse than hounding an ex girlfriend for positive attention when all she wants is to be left alone for a while.

When you do stop running after your ex, something funny happens: she turns around and wonders where you are. Believe it or not, your girlfriend does want to be chased... to a point, anyway. All girls want to think they're needed and loved, and your ex is no exception. Seeing you go crazy for her after the break ego boost for her. So when you finally do stop pursuing your ex? Well she won't tell you this, but she's actually going to be a little sad about it.

You shouldn't take a single step toward winning your girlfriend back unless you have some opening moves and a definite plan of action. Learning how to get back together with your ex isn't as hard as you think it is, but there are some major mistakes that will always cost you any chance at fixing things between you.

"Aside From Breaking Contact, What Else Can I Do To Make My Exgirlfriend Want Me Back Again?"

Great question. In it's simplest form, the answer is to focus your attention inwardly, on yourself... and on the issues that might've caused the downfall of your relationship. While you're giving your ex the time and space required to make her miss you, there are a number of important things you can do to make her want you again.

Improving yourself can be an incredibly vital part of getting your ex back. If she wasn't happy with the man she broke up with, how can you expect her to be satisfied when she gets back together with that same guy? That's not to say you need to change for your ex girlfriend - the fact is, you shouldn't change for anyone. But there are ways of adjusting certain behaviors and traits that may have changed slightly since the beginning stages of your relationship. By identifying what those characteristics are, you can become the guy your ex fell in love with - and still be yourself.

And there are a number of physical changes you can make to yourself as well. Hitting the gym is always a healthy choice, putting you in great shape while allowing you to sweat out a lot of the stress and pain associated with the break up. By the time your ex comes around and communication is reestablished, it's always nice to look and feel your best. Physically improving yourself tends to spill into the mental realm too, giving yourself more confidence, energy, and making you into a happier person to be around. All good things, when it comes to winning back your girlfriend.

"Are There Ways To Tell If My Ex Still Loves Me? As Time Goes On, I'm Not Sure She Has The Same Feelings Toward Me"

Understanding how your ex girlfriend feels about you can be difficult, especially if you've been apart for a while. You may guess that she still loves you, but it's always nice to be sure. Going about the task of getting her back is made much easier if you can detect and identify signs that your ex still loves you, boosting your confidence and the drive to start a new relationship together.

Dating Your Ex Girlfriend

If you're at the stages where you've reestablished communication with your ex, there are a number of ways to know how she feels. The most obvious of course will be her body language, as you should easily know from past experience what signals your exgirlfriend gives off when she's flirting with you. The looks, smiles, the way she touches your arm or lean in close while talking... those things might be playful, but they're also signs of interest.

Body language is not always available however, if you're communicating with your ex through emails or phone calls. In those cases, it's how she treats you when she calls back - and how often or quickly she returns your messages - that can be big indicators as to how she currently feels toward you.

If you're still asking the question 'How does my ex feel about me?' there are some good additional resources for finding out.

"Can I Contact My Ex Just To Give Her All Her Stuff Back?"

You could... but don't. If your ex girlfriend has anything at your house that she still wants, she can call you and come get it. Don't call her or make offers to drop these things off, especially if they're trivial. Why? Because you're using it solely as an excuse to see your ex, and possibly beg her to reconsider the break up. You know it, I know it, and believe me when I say that she knows it too.

Instead, box everything that belongs to your girlfriend up and seal it shut. Then put it somewhere completely out of sight. If she calls to get it? Great - it's already gathered up for her. And if not? You may later need to use it as an excuse to reinitiate contact with your ex... but only after an extended period of no contact. And besides, she might need it there when the two of you get back together again.

"Should I Be Friends With My Ex Girlfriend? Will It Help Win Her Back?"

When your girlfriend asks to be friends after she breaks up with you, one of two things is happening. Either she's trying to let you down easy, or she's interested in keeping you hanging around post-relationship... just in case she wants to change her mind about breaking up.

Both of these cases should be handled the same: you need to refuse any friendship your ex girlfriend offers you. Right now you still want to hang onto every part of her that you can, so doing this might rub you the wrong way. But trust me when I tell you, being friends with your ex is filled with more pitfalls and traps than anything else.

Want to get your ex girlfriend back? Then you need to work toward winning her heart. As her "friend", you simply can't do that. Once you've accepted her offer of friendship, every romantic move you make in her direction will be met with stubborn refusal. She'll put her hand up to stop you every time, reminding you sharply that the two of you are now friends... and nothing else. You won't be able to take a single step toward winning her heart again, and as time goes on, she'll see you as more and more of a buddy and less and less as someone she once hugged, kissed, slept with, and dated.

Learn lots more about what to do When Your Ex Just Wants To Be Friends.

"What Should I Tell My Ex If She Wants To Be Friends?"

When your ex offers to remain friends, it's always best to tell them you can't do it. A firm "Sorry, but that won't work for me" should be enough to deter her. This causes your ex to face losing you - something she really doesn't have to do while you're still her friend. She'd love very much for you to hang around talking, emailing, maybe even seeing her for lunch here and there... all while having the unlimited freedom to do what she wants and even date other guys. Friendship gives her all of the companionship and comfort type benefits of the relationship, without the burden of commitment. It's a win-win situation for her, and lose-lose for you.

There are some great methods you can use to get your ex past the idea of friendship and back into the mindset of wanting to date you. These tips and techniques will help you accomplish that goal.

You don't need to be creative with whatever reasons for refusal you give your ex girlfriend. Let her know you care about her in ways much deeper than friendship, and that you can't put those feelings aside for the sake of staying in touch. It wouldn't be fair to you to have to go through the pain of watching her date someone else... and it wouldn't be fair to her when you have to break the friendship off to start dating another girl.

While being friends with an ex girlfriend might work for a while, that type of friendship can never stand the test of time. No new girlfriend of yours is going to approve of you hanging out with a "friend" that you once dated, and who knows you on the most intimate of levels. And no new boyfriend of your ex is going to let her hang out with you, either. Most post-dating friendships crumble immediately once one or both of you start dating again.

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