"I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back... But Everything I Do Just Pushes Her Further Away"

Sound familiar? Are you trapped in a downward spiral of indifference, and feel like your chances of getting back together with your ex are slipping away?

Do you feel like your situation is hopeless? As if nothing you can ever do or say will make your ex want you back?

Do You Want To Get Your Girlfriend Back?

There are ways of winning back your ex no matter what the circumstances surrounding your break up. It doesn't matter how long it's been or what your ex has said, it only takes one correct series of moves to win your way back into her heart.

Which RED FLAG Situation Are You In?


Remember how things were at the beginning of your relationship? That rush of emotions actually made your ex to fall in love with you. Identifying and recreating those circumstances is easier than you think, and getting your exgirlfriend to see that things can once again be that way will go a long way toward getting her back in your arms again. And this time, for good.

"What If My Ex Won't Return My Calls? Isn't It Hopeless?"

It's never hopeless. As long as you're willing to take the right steps, getting your ex back is all a matter of making the right moves, at the right times, while avoiding the major mistakes most men make while trying to get back an exgirlfriend.

• Loss of interest
• Moving on without you
• Getting over the relationship
• Not returning your messages
• Too busy to talk to you
• Never home when you call

Seeing your exgirlfriend exhibit these signs might scare you into thinking your ex won't reverse her decision to break up, but you couldn't be more wrong. There are some radical techniques you can use to quickly turn around her thinking, and get her into a mindset that's open and receptive to getting back together.

"How Do I Talk To Her? What Should I Say?"

The correct opening moves are critical to winning back your ex. If you've been making the wrong ones, your ex will run in the other direction. Learning when to contact your ex is crucial, and knowing exactly what to say is just as important. There are emotional strings attached to her deep-seeded feelings for you... tugging gently on those strings can make her quickly realize how much she still loves you.

The key to talking to your ex girlfriend is to create a scenario where she realize she stands to lose you - and not the other way around. There are tips and tricks you can make use of that will shift the balance of power, creating an environment in which your ex realizes just how much she needs your relationship.

And the best part? When your girlfriend finally does come back to you, she believes getting back together was all her idea. You'll repair your relationship on your terms, not hers - and she'll even be grateful for you having given her a second chance!

"My Ex Just Wants To Be Friends - What Can I Do?"

While the fact that your ex wants to keep you in her life is always a good sign, there are certain pitfalls to avoid when it comes to being friends with your ex girlfriend. Learn what they are, so you can always keep her seeing you in a romantic light - and not one of pure platonic friendship.

But even if you've already established a friendship with your ex, it's not too late. There are ways of withdrawing from such an arrangment so that your ex feels as if she's losing you. Her dependancy on your friendship can become your best ally in rekindling a romantic relationship again. Find out which methods are best for transitioning from friendship back to romance, and how you can use those techniques to get back your ex girlfriend.

"Will All This Work If I Cheated On Her?"

There are techniques that work especially if you cheated on her! Although getting caught cheating on a girlfriend is always a tough situation, your ex rejected you because she herself felt rejected. In many cases it's even easier to get her back from this type of scenario, because the emotional interest was always still there.

Learning how to rebuild trust after cheating is an important part of not only getting back with your ex, but creating a future together in which your relationship can survive. Find out how clean slate techniques can help both partners get over any type of affair or infidelity, and move forward with a strong relationship.

"What's the Fastest Way To Get My Girlfriend Back?"

There's not overnight solution to your break up. That being said, there are some definite things you can do that will greatly reduce the time it takes to get back together with your ex. You can get started on some of these things right now, tonight even, while others might require a bit more planning.

Before your girlfriend will want you back, you'll need to do the following:

Understand exactly why your girlfriend broke up with you
Identify and stop the behaviors that are driving her away
Attract her attention through working on yourself
Learn how to rekindle the spark your relationship once had
Find out the right and wrong ways to talk to your ex
Make her miss you again (this one's easier than you think)

The faster you get started on learning the above techniques, the sooner you'll get your ex back. And taking action isn't enough: you need to take the right actions in order to achieve positive results, and get her back. Being proactive about your break up is the only way to ensure success in getting back together.

"My Ex Girlfriend Is Dating Someone Else! Is It Over?"

Not by a long shot. If your ex starts dating again before you can fix your break up, there's a good chance she's involved in a rebound relationship. These types of romances never last long; a few weeks to a month at most. And because she jumped from your relationship right into another one, she never got the chance to fully resolve her feelings for you.

Learn how your ex girlfriend dating again can actually improve your chances of getting her back, and how you can take advantage of this situation. Winning her back from another man isn't as hard as it sounds, and being there to support her when this new relationship isn't going so well can put you in prime position to rekindle what you once had.

Just because your ex starts seeing a new boyfriend doesn't mean she's forgotten about you. In fact, good memories of your relationship will actually be strengthened at times. Find out which techniques will get your exgirlfriend thinking of you again, and how you can initiate these methods without her even realizing it.

"Okay, I'm Ready To Win Back My Girlfriend!"

( Ummm... What's My First Step? )

GetBackYourExGirlfriend.com is dedicated to helping you reconnect with your ex and repair your relationship. The resources found on this site are geared toward guys fighting to give their romance a second chance.

In the left column you'll find tons of useful articles and guides on how best to handle your break up. You'll learn everything from the best opening moves for getting back your exgirlfriend to handling special circumstances like cheating, long-term break ups, and what to do if your ex already started dating again.

In the right column are links to the best and most popular guidebooks to relationship repair on the internet. You can read detailed reviews of these guides, along with brief summaries of what to expect from each. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your breakup, there is always help available... with much of that help specific to your own unique situation.

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Tip of the Day
Dating another girl to make your ex-girlfriend jealous is a dangerous game to play. That being said, it's also one of the most effective ways to get your ex to notice you again. In dire situations this type of method may work in actually creating jealousy deep within your ex-girlfriend's mind. Even though she let you go, she still has feelings for you... and although she ended your relationship, the emotions she once felt for you will always still linger. Use jealousy sparingly however, or it could blow up in your face.

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